1.    Times

    a.    31 August, 1st September    09:00 – 17:00 each day.
    b.    Boats arriving later than these times may be measured on 5th  September (0900 – 1700)

2.    Organisation

    There will be five measurement stations: 

    Station 1 : Measurement Control desk. 
    Station 2 : Hull weighing 
    Station 3 : Unstepped masts and spars
    Station 4 : Sails
    Station 5 : Equipment and Safety checks

3.    Location

    Stations 1,2,3 & 4 is located in the measurement marquee on the Carlisle Pier where the Race Office registration desk will also be located on 31st August, 1st and 5th September
    Station 5 is located on the Carlisle Pier (Arrival and Departure area)
4.    Unmeasured Equipment

    All sails and equipment presented for check measurement must have been pre-measured and endorsed on the boat’s Measurement Certificate.
    If any items to be check-measured have not been previously measured, please present them to your National Measurer first, for full measurement and endorsement. (The measurement team will not have the capacity to carry out any fundamental measurement during the Championships)

 5.    Overview

     Measurement certificates are initially to be inspected at the race control desk. 
     Then please present yourself to the measurement control desk (station 1) as soon as possible on (or before) the above dates. You will be given an appointment time to commence the measurement tasks scheduled T the “Measurement Stations”. You will also receive measurement forms 1 & 2. These, together with your measurement certificate, must be presented at each Measurement station.

    At the completion of weighing and spar measurement (Stations 2 & 3), you may re-rig your boat and present it at Station 5 in the boat park for safety and equipment checks.

        When your boat successfully passes each station, the relevant box on the measurement check form will be signed. When your form is complete, return it to Station 1 (Measurement Control), to have measurement verified. Then return to the race control desk to complete registration.

(NB - If possible, it would be helpful if both helmsman and crew are present at the Measurement Shed, which may allow concurrent measurement at various stations).

6.    Procedure

    a.    Station 1 - Measurement Control Desk.

        Start by collecting your measurement form(s), making your appointment times, & presenting your measurement certificate.
    b.    Station 2 -  Hull Weighing. 

        The hull, with fixed keel and buoyancy apparatus, to be presented with the following items removed :

    * Rudder & tiller.
    * All equipment, i.e. anchor, bailers, paddle, personal flotation devices.
    * Boom vang and all sheets (jib, spinnaker, & main), unless spliced in.
    * Compass, unless fixed by bolts or screws. 
    * All spars.

    Jib furler, and Control lines (cunningham, ram, foot, barberhaulers etc.) may be left in-situ.
        The hull shall be presented dry with hatches & drain plugs open.
    Competitors will not be advised of the weight unless the boat fails to meet the regatta minimum. Boat weights will be available to competitors at the end of the regatta.

    Please Note----- Boats competing in the CLASSIC division will NOT be weighed

    c.    Station 3 - Unstepped Mast & Spars.

        This station will measure your spars before they are stepped. Rigging and halyards may be left on         the mast. Boom & spinnaker pole shall also be measured here.
    d.     Station 4 - Mainsails, Jibs, & Spinnakers.

        Sails presented for measurement for use throughout the regatta must be pre-measured & carry         the measurer’s signature (Rule A4), and are recorded on the certificate as eligible sails, in accordance with rule B13.8.2.

    Sails carrying IHC endorsement do not require check measurement, however they must be presented at Station 4 for registration and stamping.

        You are limited to using 2 suits of sails in World or International Championship.  You are also limited to using 2 suits of sails in the Pre-Worlds Regatta, which may be different from those to be used in the World Championship. Sails for both events will be check-measured, checked for endorsement on the measurement certificate, and then stamped appropriately. You must present your measurement certificate to the Equipment Inspector to check compliance with Rule B13.8.2.

    e.     Station 5 – Stepped Mast and Equipment Checks.

    The boat is to be presented with the mast stepped and all equipment present.  

    The mast location will be checked for compliance with Rule B10.2.
    (Competitors should note that a mast lever which limits the aft movement of the mast does not constitute a ‘mastgate’ under Rule B10.2)

    At this station removable buoyancy and equipment shall also be checked (Rule B 15). Present personal flotation devices, anchor, paddle, hand bailers, & towing fairlead.

    f.     Station 1

    Return your completed forms 1 & 2 for verification.

7.        Post Race Measurement

    A number of boats may be selected at random and may undergo measurement checks at the end of each day’s sailing in the World Championship. Such boats will be signalled for re-measurement as they arrive back at the Launching Ramp. If you are so signalled, you should moor at the designated area and remain with your boat until checks are completed. At the completion of the series, a number of boats may be reweighed. 

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